2021 New Year after a really dodgy one!

Well, the less we say about 2020 the better, what a strange one that was and is still a bit ‘trying’ to say the least!

We are currently all in Lockdown and in a nutshell,  missing normal day to day life……. and hugs, being a natural ‘hugger’ I have struggled with not being able to randomly hug lovely people (or if I have locked myself in for a few weeks, away from potentially tarnished humans)  daring to have a hug with scrubbed hands and a mask on! Thank heavens for dogs that’s all I can say, lovely squishy cuddly dogs!

On one hand things haven’t been hugely different to me as I work from home in my little shed anyway, so I usually spend my days on my own with my music on, dogs around my feet, sometimes my budgie joins us in his caravan cage if its not too cold, and cheeps and chats away, a safe little haven of contentedness.

Last year I was so very grateful to every person who bought a painting from me, however big or small, it kept us going through the hard times.

This year I am determined to continue to improve and I always try to paint to the best of my ability for every piece of work I produce, so your money is well spent!  Lets just say, if time was money, with some paintings, Id be earning 10p an hour, others thankfully fall out of my brushes a little quicker.  

January this year started with me having a big urge to paint different things and different animals, so I began with a fairy on a Toadstool and then an Ostrich. After that I had a wonderful commission to do (I don’t usually paint horses) of a vision someone had in their head of a Unicorn with a significant pink ribbon in her mouth, I found the less I think, the more the painting happens itself, and this one came out as we both imagined and my lovely customer was very very happy.  That little process right there, makes me happy too!

In between painting, we have decided to update my much neglected website, so after a few lessons again, here I am, attempting to make something more recent and hopefully make you all rush to your emails and message me to do you a painting!  

On that note…… back to building my website.