Jolly Dark, rainy start to February

Well, as some parts of the country have blankets of snow, up here in our part of West Wales we have rain, lots and lots of rain.   It has hardly got light today, so dreary but there are little glimpse of Spring, a few brave Primroses popping their little heads out, the Hellebores are starting … Read more

Icy January

As January comes to an end, as I do every year I sit and think….. ‘where did that go?!’  In the blink of an eye!  I have kept busy in my little shed, a few pairs of socks on, 2 fleece cardigans and my little heater, producing lots of mainly animal paintings. I am loving painting animals!  … Read more

2021 New Year after a really dodgy one!

Well, the less we say about 2020 the better, what a strange one that was and is still a bit ‘trying’ to say the least! We are currently all in Lockdown and in a nutshell,  missing normal day to day life……. and hugs, being a natural ‘hugger’ I have struggled with not being able to … Read more