Here are some examples of commissioned paintings.

If you would like me to paint something special for you, please contact me.

I will need 3 or 4 quality photos of the subject (not distant ones of your dog next to a tree or under the quilt on your bed!… yes.. I have been sent those!) the clearer the photo, the better I will be able to do your painting. You know what colour your dog is, but if he looks ginger in the photos because of the lighting, and he is really black, you can’t blame me if I paint you a ginger dog! Eyes are the window to the soul, so if it is a pet or animal portrait, get them to look at the camera. If it is something like a vase of flowers or landscape, you may not need to send photos.

You then decide the size, the medium (watercolour or acrylic) we agree on a price, you pay me a deposit either by bank transfer or Paypal, and leave the rest to me!