Icy January

As January comes to an end, as I do every year I sit and think….. ‘where did that go?!’  In the blink of an eye!  
I have kept busy in my little shed, a few pairs of socks on, 2 fleece cardigans and my little heater, producing lots of mainly animal paintings. 
I am loving painting animals!  Some of which are for sale in my Gallery.  My latest (inspired by how I have been walking up our icy garden path like a penguin) Emperor Penguins do make me smile. 

I have had a couple of wonderful commissions to produce, one for a very special lady – of a Unicorn with a meaningful ‘pink ribbon’ in its mouth.  This painting was a joy to produce and she was over the moon with it.  A bit of a different one for me.  
That one actually sparked my need to paint more animals, so after that, followed a Stag, Lion, Highland Cow and penguins!

Today has been spent mainly on the telephone and at the vets. My little dog has Addisons disease (I really must paint her, she has the prettiest face) so, it was time for her monthly check up and injection. Then home to chat to my Mom who also had an injection this morning, her Covid vaccine, both hopefully a bit more protected for a while.

Now, I am going to plan what to paint next. 
I have some Valentines paintings but they are popped onto my Facebook page, where I often put smaller offers.  Always worth taking a look there.