New Year New Website!

Happy New Year to you all!

I am starting 2016 with a fresh, new website and will be adding new work on a regular basis, so please do log in every few weeks to see what paintings I have produced for sale.

It is now 4th January, I am working on a commission of a large acrylic painting – approx 4ft x 2ft of a Poppy field and praying for some sunshine so I get some natural light to work to!   As I speak the rain is again lashing down, our poor fence and gates are flattened to the ground after the strong winds, and I am thinking of summer paintings to cheer me and hopefully you up!

Please use my contact page to message me about commissions or purchases from my site.  I can work from photographs e mailed to me, in fact most of the lovely dogs I have had the pleasure of painting are from customers photographs.

I am now going to brave the weather and venture outside to my painting shed, time to get messy!